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As the core of the IOT,RF components have penetrated into all fields of IOT applications.

We provide customers with comprehensive support services, from product definition to the end of the entire product life cycle, we provide customers with a one-to-one, professional, experienced technical support services.

The service contents include the following:

Full HDK and SDK design support

HDK And SDK Support

Provide a suitable software development kit(Software Development Kit;SDK)、With hardware development kit(Hardware Development Kit;HDK),And related technical documentation.

Verify customer schematics and PCB

Schematinc And PCB Verification

We provide customers with reference design documents such as schematics, PCB layouts, design guides, etc., to facilitate the development of the design, and to provide verification and advice for the customer's prototype design.

Radio frequency antenna design suggestions

RF Antenna Design Suggestion

Provide customers with antenna design reference design, PCB layout, so that customers get the best RF signal.

Antenna matching and matching verification

Antenna Matching Testing And Verification

Provide antenna matching and matching verification services, and submit verification test reports and suggestions.

Rf and wireless performance verification

RF Performance Verification

Provide product prototype RF and wireless performance verification services, submit verification test reports and recommendations.

Fast FAE service

Quick FAE Service

The customer has problems in commissioning production and the FAE can quickly service on site.

Authentication support

Certification Support

Assist customers through various certifications such as FCC/CE.

Chip supplier + platform + collaborative support

IC+CPU Collaboration Support

We can help our original manufacturers and platforms to serve our customers with our products.

Intelligent machine and scheme

Smart Device And Solutions

Provide intelligent machine and solution