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Alternatives to wifi module under chip shortage time
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Alternatives to wifi module under chip shortage time

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According to reports, 2021 will be the most serious year for chip shortages in 30 years. With the chip factory fires, power outages, the wave of shortages is unprecedented in history. The wifi module is also deeply affected. Not only has the price increased sharply, but it is also out of stock. As a result, the production of network cameras (IPC), set-top boxes and some commercial display and advertising player manufacturers cannot keep up, and the cost has risen sharply.

In response to the current shortage of chips in some modules that cannot be supplied, Oflycomm has introduced a variety of PIN-PIN modules to facilitate manufacturers to implement alternatives to ensure supply and reduce costs. The following are our modules based on the most lacking AMPAK sdio module at present.

1. 6223A-SRD replaces AP6212

Basic parameters: 2.4G WIFI+BT4.2, 1T1R, SDIO interface, 12X12mm, 150mbps

2. 3181A-S replaces AP6181

Basic parameters: 2.4G WIFI, SDIO interface, 1T1R, 12X12mm, 75mbps  


H152A-S replaces AP6181

Basic parameters: 2.4G WIFI, SDIO interface, 1T1R, 12X12mm, 150mbps   


3.6221A-SRC replaces AP6255

Basic parameters: 2.4/5.8G WIFI+BT4.2, SDIO interface, 1T1R, 12X12mm, 433mbps 


4.6222B-SRC/5261B-SR replaces AP6356/AP6398S

Basic parameters:2.4/5.8G WIFI+BT4.2,SDIO interface,2T2R,13X15mm,867mbps

Oflycomm has been deeply involved in the wifi field for several years, and has made various alternatives in response to the lack of stock in the market. It is recommended that customers learn more about the alternatives or the selection and downgrading of modules. The modules are very advantageous in terms of performance and price. In this difficult time, we will join hands with new and old customers to overcome difficulties together. For various module models, please check the official website or consult salesperson.