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Review of Ofeixin ELEXCON 2022 Shenzhen International Electronics Fair
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Review of Ofeixin ELEXCON 2022 Shenzhen International Electronics Fair

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On November 8, 2022, the three-day ELEXCON 2022 Shenzhen International Electronics Fair ended successfully at Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. Shenzhen Ofeixin Technology participated in the exhibition with short-distance wireless modules, long-distance cellular modules, and wireless routing solutions, fully demonstrating the latest technology and achievements of wireless technology have attracted many people in the electronics industry to visit and exchange.


As a wireless module supplier, Shenzhen Ofeixin Technology is committed to providing customers with complete IoT connection solutions. In this exhibition, Qualcomm QCA206X series WiFi 6/WiFi 6E modules representing high-end applications were displayed in short-range wireless modules. And network card, WIFI6 module of Realtek RTL8852 series for consumer-grade applications and HiSilicon power line carrier kit, cellular module shows Qualcomm's latest X62 module, solution board shows Qualcomm IPQ5018 routing board, and conducted in-depth technical discussiona with the audience. 

Many customers also came to the booth to communicate the technical problems they encountered. After technical guidance and product testing by Shenzhen Ofeixin Technology’s high-quality engineers, many customers were very satisfied and reached their purchase intentions on the spot.


Shenzhen Ofeixin Technology has achieved remarkable development in the Internet of Things industry through years of precipitation and technology accumulation, and by providing customers with high-quality products and professional-level services. Even so, as the technology iteration is faster than before, we know that to achieve customer satisfaction, market recognition still has a long way to go, and we will continue to launch more and better products and solutions to serve our customers.