Members of China LoRa Application Alliance appear in APEC Exhibition


The Ninth APEC SME Technology Conference and Exhibition (APEC Exhibition) sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, organized by China SME Development Promotion Center was opened in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on July 14. Companies from various provinces of China and some visiting groups organized by the governments of Mexico and South Korea participated in the Exhibition.

Among many visiting groups, the group of China LoRa Application Alliance was quite attractive. China LoRa Application Alliance, also known as CLAA, is built jointly by ZTE Microelectronics, American Semtech Corporation, Guoyu and Lierda and more than twenty partners, aimed to create an ecosystem for China LoRa application cooperation, and serve the construction of smart city. Just in June 2016, ZTE announced officially to be a board member of LoRa Alliance, and to promote the development of LoRa technology in construction of global low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) and industrial chain together with other LoRa Alliance members. LoRa Alliance is an open, non-profit organization. Since its inception, the LoRa Alliance has been paying attention to ecosystem construction, and promoting the commercial use of this technology with companies in each link of the industry chain.  The alliance members currently include multinational telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, sensor manufacturers, chip manufacturers and innovative start-ups and so on across Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and other regions, even Cisco, IBM, Semtech and Microchip are LoRa Alliance members.

As the fully deploy of smart city and M-ICT development needs of smart, perceptive and interconnected city, more and more fragmented terminal equipments in city require low-power and long-distance transmission network. The emergence of the low-power and long-distance network technology represented by LoRa may break the interconnection bottleneck of Internet of Things, promote end-to-end cost of Internet of Things to drop significantly, and enable the large-scale application of the Internet of Things.

With many years of experience in the wireless field, FN-LINK is now actively involved in the design and production of LoRa application modules, to promote the development of construction and industrial chain of smart city networks.

As the originator of the international LoRa Alliance, Semtech is a leading supplier in high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products, whose chips are widely adopted in the commercial applications including communications, computer and computer interface, automatic test equipment and industrial applications. LoRa technology is one of LPWAN technologies for Internet of Things, with the features of most mature and most excellent in terminal cost, power consumption and signal penetration.

ZTE Microelectronics and other manufacturers will focus on the creative application of LoRa technology in all sectors, actively promote the progress of standards, develop a unified practice for LoRa application, and take efforts to build the "technology platform", "program verification platform", "market platform for cooperation", "resource docking platform" and "innovation incubator" for LoRa applications in China.

As the world's leading communications equipment manufacturer, ZTE is implementing M-ICT all things mobile internet strategy to promote cross-border integration of the information industry with various industries. With the 30 years of accumulation in communications technology, ZTE is actively exploring innovative applications and industrial development in the field of Internet of Things in smart city, and building a feasible Internet of Things of low-cost and low-power and multi-business-platform, to make a breakthrough in intelligent and informational Internet of Things in city. ZTE will joint with more partners to build sustainable development of carrier-class LPWAN urban things interconnection ecosystem and achieve a win-win situation.


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