• Networking has been the internal demand for Internet of Things to develop, while wireless connection technologies are no longer satisfied with short-range communication and moving towards to longer-distance and wider-coverage, so the low-power wide area network (LPWAN) came into being.

    • China LoRa application alliance with the United States Semtech ZTE Microelectronics Corporation, the country Yu, Lierda etc. more than twenty partners jointly established China to jointly establish cooperation LoRa application ecosystem together to serve the construction of smart city. FN-LINK active research and development associated with the development of modular components industry.

    • 4-in-1superperformance3Gmobilepowerwirelessrouterupcomingrelease:Supportfastcharge,highefficiencysynchronousrectificationdischarge;3GcardturnWI-FI;WI-FILANportswitchandrelay;WirelessCloudStorage;Low-powerLEDlightingfunctionsintoone,fashionIDmodelingoptional

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