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ODM/OEM/Self-Designed Antennas


RF Antenna

Included IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi

and Bluetooth modules

WiFi Module

Products and Services

Wireless oriented, and follow the road for diversfied development. Be committed to providing customers with complete IOT connection solutions professionally.

In addition to WiFi Module, to cover RF Antenna,Power Adapter,Electronic Components,Intelligent Hardware,System Integration,ODM,OEM and others.


Power Adapter

Covering 3-120W series.

Be with 3C/UL/EU/UK/SAA and other m-ultiple national security standards

Smart Device

ODM/OEM/Intelligent Hardware Pro-ducts And Solutions


All products can be certified by FCC, CE, SRRC and EMC. They are in full compliance with RoHS and REACH environmental protection regulations. It is widely used in consumer elec-tronics, commercial office automation, industrial and Telematic , medical, smart home and other applications

Consumption Electronic

Low Cost, Large Supply, Quality Assurance


Commercial Automation

High Quality, Stability, Safety And Reliability


Industrial And Telematic

High Quality, More Intelligent, Safe And Reliable



High Quality, More Intelligent, Safe And Reliable


Smart Home

Low Cost, Smart, Safer And Reliable



Latest developments in product, technology and market activities

Alternatives to wifi module under chip shortage time
Analysis and Outlook of PLC-IOT Entire Smart Home Solution
New Generation HiSilicon WiFi Module

Provide solutions for problem arising during the using of products

Provide downloads of datashhets, dri-vers, etc.

Any doubts in selecting? No problem

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