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The pace of the times is growing with the advancement of science and technology.

From horse-drawn carriages to future driverless cars, from oil lamps to smart lights, from stoves to smart rice cookers, human life has und-ergone tremendous changes.

The changes that modern technology has brought us have always affected the bit by bit of our lives.

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Webcam: In order to be safer , human developed webcam,the wifi module has been promoted in t-he field of webcam. The device is easy to install and can be operated in real time, you can see ev-erything on the phone, hear everything, track eve-rything. Let our life be more than happy and co-nfident but more secure.

Set Top Box: It can carry information and entertai-nment content from the Internet and traditional TV, making today's TV landscape more diverse th-an ever. It promotes the interconnection of fami-ly terminals and people, and completely change-s the way to acquire content, so that more users can enjoy the information and content which fro-m Internet.

Smart TV: Integrating interactive Internet applica-tions and content features with traditional TV, u-sers can more easily and easily install and uninstall various applications, and continue to expand and upgrade functions to change the consume-r's experience of traditional TV.

Most of the consumer products with audio-visual, information processing, two-way network communication and other functio-ns use wireless connection, which greatly improves product coverage, and also improves our quality of life, facilitates our lives, promotes social and economic development, and accelerates information. propagation.

Consumer Level

Smart Projector:It integrates multimedia playback, net-work interconnection, human-computer interaction, re-mote conference and other applications. It does not re-quire a display screen and an external media source, an-d can easily achieve a stunning display effect of more than 100 inches. It can be described as a new generatio-n of intelligent integrated screenless TV. Smart project-ors are becoming another home entertainment center device after smart TVs and smart set-top boxes.

Smart POS: Compared with traditional POS machines, s-mart POS is no longer limited to cashier tools, but co-mbines cashier, collection and payment, information co-llection, data processing and even card issue verificati-on. It realizes the offline merchant diversion, customer relationship maintenance, online payment, the monitor-ing of the actual marketing effect is conveniently and effectively integrated to complete the final closed loop of O2O.

Smart printer: Printer seems to be a cumbersome, silent product that is often silent in everyday work, but with t-he widespread use of wifi modules in mobile office equi-pment, it also gives printer a new label: smart, movabl-e; this change  greatly improves work efficiency, enhanc-ement and office collaboration. Printer is gradually cha-nging from the "an isolated island" in the past to the c-enter of information transmission and circulation.

Commercial Office Automation

Today, with the increasing efficiency of specialization, commercial wireless technology hardware can greatl-y reduce the cost of enterprise wiring, deploy applications more quickly, achieve collaboration flexibility, t-imeliness and management efficiency, and meet the low-cost of enterprises on the office automation plat-form. 

High-speed train: with the popularity of smart phones, WiFi is provided on high-speed trains, which can not onl-y provide passengers with entertainment experience su-ch as surfing the Internet, chatting, browsing the web, m-aking friends and playing games, but also provides a m-anagement platform of passengers traffic management for the staff on board.

Intelligent Automotive Equipment: Time in progress, s-cience in development, with smart phones as the core , appeared a lot of intelligent vehicle equipment, such as smart rearview mirror, car refrigerator, these device-s add the function of intelligent voice interaction, hav-e very strong ability of natural language control whic-h can achieve real liberation of the drivers, and make  you driving safer.

Charging Piles: As new energy vehicles become the choi-ce of more and more consumers, charging piles are als-o under intensive construction. Whether you are on yo-ur way to work or traveling, only need to search nearby charging piles by the Internet, and then you can go quic-kly to charging station. The perfect combination of WIF-I system and charging pile is not only greatly improves the user experience, but also fully realizes the commerci-al value of the docking platform.

Imagination is the driving force of development, we can go as far as our imagination lets us.

10 years ago, only a few people used mobile phones to Internet.But now, smart phones have been widely used all over the world. Similarly, the trajectory of the automobile is same as the mobile phones. With the turning the car into the fourth screen, TV,computer,mobile phone and Auto screen, as the Telematics emer-ges, having a car with an intelligent inter connection is no longer a dream.

Industry and Telematics

Wearable Medical Device

Smart wearables and small personal medical devices are all with Bluetooth, which can clearly display personal he-alth data and automatically analyze health status by con-necting the mobile APP through Bluetooth or WiFi. The data is permanently stored in the cloud, and the track re-cords can be inquired anytime and anywhere, and there is no need to worry about being overwritten or lost. Pro-vide reliable continuous data support when consultation and timely identify the health risks.

Medical Smart Voice

Voice input can replace typing, so that you can easily r-ecord with computers, ipads and mobile devices by s-peaking.

When you speak, your content will be transcribed into text and displayed in your HIS system, PACS system, C-IS system and other desired input text location. Redu-ce the daily work burden of medical staff, reduce rep-etitive work, improve the quality of diagnosis and tre-atment.

Intelligent Visual Recognition

From vision to hearing, semantic understanding, moto-r control and deep integration of AI, the diagnostic a-bility of AI could almost beyond ordinary doctors.

Development in medical technology has led that more and more diseases are  treated, and new technolo-gies are gradually replacing traditional treatments. AI will redefine the entire healthcare industry. Wearabl-es and medical robots enable people to manage their lives not only through apps or cloud products, but also through a series of medical iot devices.


Home Smart gateway is the heart of smart home. That can realize system information collection,input,output,centralized control, remote control and linkage control.Wherever you are, you can control all in your home.

WiFi Intellilamp: It is a new type of intelligent device wit-h functions of controlling,creating and sharing lighting e-ffects,interaction between light and music,and promoti-on of health and happiness. Match different life scenes with different lighting effects, no matter what kind of lif-e scenes and mood, you can choose appropriate lightin-g effects. The intellilap is not only the floodlight, but als-o your a companion in your life.

Smart Socket: It can be switched on and off remotely an-d controlled by voice.The power consumption of the loa-ding equipment can be checked anytime and anywhere through the mobile terminal to achieve energy control. T-he metering version can also real time monitor the curr-ent power,electricity and consumption. For users to trac-k the energy consumption, adjust the electricity plan,sa-ve electricity,and lower electric bill.

With the wide application of electronic technology in real life, people are more and more aware of the convenience of life fro-m electronic products: intelligent security, intelligent lighting, intelligent audio and video, intelligent home appliances, etc. Sm-art home products are becoming more and more popular in families. Users can not only control everything in their homes at will, but also make their lives safer, more convenient and more comfortable.

Smart Home