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Company Profile

OFLYCOMM is dedicated to providing customers with perfect IOT connection solutions.With many years of experience that we have accumulated and industry markets. We have from the Lan broadband connection to Wan cellular communications and depth of integrating quality support resources in industry, to provide customers with a full range of excellent service.


Major products include: 2.4G / 5.8G series WiFi module, BLE module, ZIGBEE3.0 module, rf antenna , auxiliary components, power adapter, intelligent hardware products and solutions, etc. All of products can be through FCC,CE,SRRC and other electromagnetic compatibility certification and RoHS,REACH. Modules are mainly applied to set-top box, tablet pc, smart TV, IPC, robot, AI speaker, smart home appliances, sensors, etc. Be able to provide customers with perfect entertainment and intelligent life experience with wireless products.





    Our honest, honest and pragmatic business approach, customer service and product quality in the first place




    We encourage the spirit of active innovation and enterprising struggle, and constantly update products and enhance the value of enterprises.




    We attach great importance to cooperation and sharing with customers, and the development of enterprises can not be separated from the support of every customer.



    We advocate strengthening coordination and cooperation with our customers, while achieving mutual benefit and win long-term goals

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